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Need to get together in an enchanting setting?

Don't hesitate to rent one of our family homes.  Perfectly equipped to accommodate several people, our homes will provide all its occupants with a feeling of well-being and comfort.   
Fully furnished, located in the heart of downtown St-Georges, warm and friendly, our houses have all the facilities to make all the people who stay there feel at home.

Perfect for : 

-Your family gatherings 

-Planning session and meetings

-Hosting sports teams

-Retreats and reunions 

-All kinds of formations!

CITQ  300699

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Enjoy the extraordinary welcome of our host in a superb ancestral and heritage house that is resolutely contemporary. Fully furnished and equipped, warm and friendly, it has all the facilities to make all guests feel at home. The occupants of the house (maximum 13 people) share: 7 private bedrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, 3 complete bathrooms, a shower room, a laundry room, a warm living room, a boudoir, a terrace and a garden during the summer season without forgetting the superb dining room.

À partir de 575.00 par nuitée.  Demandez votre soumission !


The Otres duplex

Our Duplex offers 5 bedrooms, 4 parking spaces and can accommodate up to 10 users. Located in the heart of downtown Saint-Georges, the location is the perfect mix between the city and the country. The duplex is actually two very clean and functional apartments that communicate with each other and allow you to gather up to 10 people.  Friends, relatives or organize a corporate meeting. Discover all the charm of this 140 year old presbytery, a guaranteed favorite.

À partir de 425.00 par nuitée.  Demandez votre soumission !
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