salle à manger pour 12 personnes
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CITQ 300699

Enjoy the extraordinary welcome from our host on duty in a superb ancestral and resolutely contemporary heritage house.  We designed La Maison in our image. We love to bring our family and friends together for great weekends to meet up and have a good time. We also value the value of organizing meals and festive evenings with our work colleagues in order to get to know each other outside of work, to underline our victories in complete intimacy and to strengthen the ties that unite us. At the same time, we often felt the need to find ourselves in a quiet and warm place to hold our meetings as project developers. La Maison des Ôtres is designed to meet all of these needs. Fully furnished, warm and friendly, it has all the facilities to make everyone who stays there feel at home. The occupants of the house (maximum 13 people) share: 7 private bedrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, 3 full bathrooms, a shower room, a laundry room, a cozy living room, a den, a terrace and a garden during the summer season without forgetting the superb and convivial dining room.


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